Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shahrukh Khan: A True Legend

An actor is really made by his composure on and off the set.

Everyone will have differing opinions on SRK's 5 best movies, which is natural. If a story is closer to your heart, you will inherently like that acting performance better. Some people might have loved him in Baadshah, Don, and Koyla. That's fine. For me, these are the movies where I feel he has done his best acting job:

5) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - In this movie, his college charisma makes me want to be like him, his love for others makes me appreciate his heart, and his actions make me cry just about every time i watch.

4) Dil Se - It was so convincing that he was madly in love with a terrorist as opposed to a beautiful family girl.

3) Anjaam - Damn, don't mess with this villain, his obsession will lead him to do anything.

2) Mohobattein - Probably the single best Bollywood movie character ever to convey the power of love.

1) Pardes - In so many cases, this is how love really happens, through friendship and through trust; greatest dialogues, especially at the end of the movie. Just incredible, because he was really the underdog in the whole movie and it made you want to just cheer for him all the way along.

BUT...why do I love SRK so much? Not just his movies. I watch interviews he has on youtube, and he is really intelligent, knows so much about the world of cinema, and is a genuine family man. He works hard at his craft and harder at maintaining a good reputation. I love that he says he has worked so hard to be recognized that he appreciates that recognition when in public. That he wants to die as a celebrity, as an appreciated, respect, and in some ways, legendary, figure in the eyes of India. And I really love that he has a mad love affair with his wife Gauri, because she is absolutely gorgeous and he will really do everything to keep her feeling like the queen that she is.

Aamir Khan is a fantastic actor, I think even better than Shahrukh. But there are a lot of things in his personal life that are questionable. 2 marriages, alleged affairs, doesn't attend award shows, and says competition doesn't drive him when it's obvious that it does. Example, Salman has always had a killer body and SRK showed off his incredible physique in Om Shanti Om. Don't you think that was at least a little bit motivating for Aamir Khan to do a rip-off film that was rather bad, especially after the first half, in Ghajini, just to prove to the world that he can get ripped if he just puts his mind to it? He needs to stick to more intriguing movies like Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, 3 Idiots, and Dil Chahta Hai. Again, he is a phenomenal actor, but if I had a choice to meet someone, or mold myself after someone, the role model is Shahrukh.