Friday, October 5, 2012

Let Me Reppio That

Some people believe change is good. Others think it's bad.
Some embrace change. Others run from it.
Some create change. Others do everything they can to prevent it.

But everyone would agree that change is inevitable. So the question looms, how do we best manage change?

I've been working in the Change Management Consulting space for a few years now and am intrigued by the scope and depth of all that has been done in the past to manage change just in the corporate workplace itself. But change is everywhere in everyone's lives. So before I lose focus, let me quickly share with you the goal of my blog today: unlearning certain words by replacing them with new ones.

What you talkin' bout Willis? Well, actually, Willis isn't talking at all. Sears is doing all the talking still. Did you catch that? There's a really tall building in Chicago. It used to be called the Sears Tower. Now it's supposed to be called the Willis Tower, but very few people actually refer to it as such. Probably because people who don't visit it much don't really care, which is most of the world.

However, if I say App, or Facebook, or Google, there is a deeper connection there because millions and millions of people use Apps or Facebook or Google every day. I use all three.

But I didn't know what those things were when they were introduced to the world. I've only had a smart phone for a couple years, so I was aware of these things called "Apps" but never really cared that much for them. It wasn't until I had a phone that would let me install "Apps" and use them for hours that my brain actually defaults to 'programs on cell phones' when I hear the word App.

Same thing with Facebook in 2006. Example: Did you Facebook me?

Same thing with Google in 2004. Example: Google it!

All of these words that are a part of my daily vocabulary now stem from technological innovations. And we use technology every day. So the climb up the learning curve to go from Awareness to Understanding to Buy-In to Commitment for those changes is made very feasible. Since those three innovations all allow me to achieve different things and are very easily accessible, the words I learned hold value for me.

That makes me think about which other words I know and use regularly that, like Apps, Facebook, and Google, are among the leaders of their own innovative concept, and at least for me, they hold much value.


I'm sure you all have different lists, but I'd be surprised if you didn't know what any of these were. Well, you're in luck! I'm going to teach you how to learn these words.

I'm guessing some people might be wondering what ErosNow is. No, it's not some porn site, although it does kind of sound like it. But check it out! And if you're into Bollywood at all, I'm sure this will be one site you'll come back to frequently. And if you just so happen to come back enough times, you'll have successfully learned ErosNow and added it to your vocabulary.

Easy, right? See, change is a breeze when there is value.

Well, let's try to unlearn one of these words now that don't offer as much value as they could*.

How about Craigslist? It's jenky as hell anyway. And who the hell is Craig? Ice Cube in the movie Friday? Remember that scene when Deebo rides up to his porch on that old tricycle that he stole from some little kid, saying, "What up, Craig?" in the deepest, raspiest voice ever. Wow, what a great image that paints. And the site itself is jenkier still!

So let's try something a bit classier that we can replace it with. Something that a pioneer would innovate. A pioneer with a solid reputation rooted in a strong work ethic and a perpetual drive to succeed.

And what do you know!? I have a good friend who fits the bill. And he has created the ultimate site! It makes Craiglist look like Deebo's broken, rusty tricycle next to a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Yes, that's right folks! The ultimate marketplace is here:

If you still want to call that Chicago skyscraper Sears, by all means, go ahead. If you don't know what an App or Facebook or Google are, where in the world have you been? But if you have ever used Craigslist to buy or sell anything, please don't torture yourself anymore. That's worse for your eyes than Nintendo NES graphics on an HD TV.

I can guarantee you that this change is good. So embrace it. And help create it. It's the easiest word you'll learn this year.

I'm a pioneer. Are you?

*Note: I know some of you were ready to harass me about my Fantasy Basketball team not offering as much value as it could. But injuries ain't no joke.