Monday, April 20, 2015

Snap All Day

Photographs. SnapChats. Images of anything. Images of everything. It’s as if he snaps a picture with every breath he takes. JJ has taken so many pictures that what he posts on Facebook is maybe only 0.0001% of his gallery, and even then I am running out of space on my android device due to all the pictures I’ve saved of his.

I always knew JJ was a passionate chap. We met in college through a mutual friend but never really became close until I started working with him at Paylocity, a small payroll start-up company at the time. JJ is a charismatic, funny, intelligent, down-to-earth cool guy that everyone loves. I used to constantly call him Will Smith because his persona reflected that of the Fresh Prince. In fact, he even wrote his own music and rapped. This guy can flat out electrify a room if you put him on stage and hand him a microphone. “Tik tak get back” JJ’s on the fast track.

But was he? He was working at Paylocity with me, in the suburb of Arlington Heights, IL, making less money than Uber drivers in Chicago make today. All he had in his career was the dream of making it one day. Maybe as a platinum label rap star. Possibly as a Robert Whole recruiter. Perhaps as a freelance photographer?

The passion I saw in him rapping may not even come close to the determination he has photographing. Hand him the mic and he’ll make magic. Hand him the camera and he’ll disappear for days. Then he’ll post his work through countless social media vehicles and you’ll know exactly where he was. It might even wear you out…but not him. JJ is relentless with the camera.

And his work has paid off. It makes me so proud to see him having recently landed a big-time photography contract with Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. This may not be a lottery ticket, but it certainly is a huge step in the right direction, in gaining the acknowledgement and certification that he is doing great things in this world – that he has found his true calling. It is a testament to the universal advice of following your passions, and chasing perfection, not success.

JJ’s path is an inspirational success story that has moved so many, and it all started with his own move to the Bay Area over 3 years ago, accepting a risky 100% commission-based job as a recruiter, living with 4 roommates, and making hundreds of personal sacrifices to ensure that his dignity and his dreams remained in tact as he hopped on his bicycle, pedaled through every alley, corner, and tunnel of 49 square miles of hilly roads, and snapped a quarter million pictures. I can’t wait to see which photo he posts next.

View all of JJ's work at

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let Me Reppio That

Some people believe change is good. Others think it's bad.
Some embrace change. Others run from it.
Some create change. Others do everything they can to prevent it.

But everyone would agree that change is inevitable. So the question looms, how do we best manage change?

I've been working in the Change Management Consulting space for a few years now and am intrigued by the scope and depth of all that has been done in the past to manage change just in the corporate workplace itself. But change is everywhere in everyone's lives. So before I lose focus, let me quickly share with you the goal of my blog today: unlearning certain words by replacing them with new ones.

What you talkin' bout Willis? Well, actually, Willis isn't talking at all. Sears is doing all the talking still. Did you catch that? There's a really tall building in Chicago. It used to be called the Sears Tower. Now it's supposed to be called the Willis Tower, but very few people actually refer to it as such. Probably because people who don't visit it much don't really care, which is most of the world.

However, if I say App, or Facebook, or Google, there is a deeper connection there because millions and millions of people use Apps or Facebook or Google every day. I use all three.

But I didn't know what those things were when they were introduced to the world. I've only had a smart phone for a couple years, so I was aware of these things called "Apps" but never really cared that much for them. It wasn't until I had a phone that would let me install "Apps" and use them for hours that my brain actually defaults to 'programs on cell phones' when I hear the word App.

Same thing with Facebook in 2006. Example: Did you Facebook me?

Same thing with Google in 2004. Example: Google it!

All of these words that are a part of my daily vocabulary now stem from technological innovations. And we use technology every day. So the climb up the learning curve to go from Awareness to Understanding to Buy-In to Commitment for those changes is made very feasible. Since those three innovations all allow me to achieve different things and are very easily accessible, the words I learned hold value for me.

That makes me think about which other words I know and use regularly that, like Apps, Facebook, and Google, are among the leaders of their own innovative concept, and at least for me, they hold much value.


I'm sure you all have different lists, but I'd be surprised if you didn't know what any of these were. Well, you're in luck! I'm going to teach you how to learn these words.

I'm guessing some people might be wondering what ErosNow is. No, it's not some porn site, although it does kind of sound like it. But check it out! And if you're into Bollywood at all, I'm sure this will be one site you'll come back to frequently. And if you just so happen to come back enough times, you'll have successfully learned ErosNow and added it to your vocabulary.

Easy, right? See, change is a breeze when there is value.

Well, let's try to unlearn one of these words now that don't offer as much value as they could*.

How about Craigslist? It's jenky as hell anyway. And who the hell is Craig? Ice Cube in the movie Friday? Remember that scene when Deebo rides up to his porch on that old tricycle that he stole from some little kid, saying, "What up, Craig?" in the deepest, raspiest voice ever. Wow, what a great image that paints. And the site itself is jenkier still!

So let's try something a bit classier that we can replace it with. Something that a pioneer would innovate. A pioneer with a solid reputation rooted in a strong work ethic and a perpetual drive to succeed.

And what do you know!? I have a good friend who fits the bill. And he has created the ultimate site! It makes Craiglist look like Deebo's broken, rusty tricycle next to a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Yes, that's right folks! The ultimate marketplace is here:

If you still want to call that Chicago skyscraper Sears, by all means, go ahead. If you don't know what an App or Facebook or Google are, where in the world have you been? But if you have ever used Craigslist to buy or sell anything, please don't torture yourself anymore. That's worse for your eyes than Nintendo NES graphics on an HD TV.

I can guarantee you that this change is good. So embrace it. And help create it. It's the easiest word you'll learn this year.

I'm a pioneer. Are you?

*Note: I know some of you were ready to harass me about my Fantasy Basketball team not offering as much value as it could. But injuries ain't no joke.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yes, I'm a Homeopath!

August 20, 2012 Knee pain. It's a bitch. Can't squat. Can't kneel. Can't take the stairs. Can't shoot a jumper from the left wing. Can't do any of those things without pain.

Normal people with insurance go see their doctor, who subsequently gives them a prescription for inflammation pills and sometimes refers them out to a physical therapist.

Several years ago, this was my predicament. And after the myriad doses of pills and all those daily exercises and stretches encouraged by the physical therapist, I finally recovered. In about 3 months!

Fast forward to July 2012. Another similar nagging knee pain. I went to Costa Rica and couldn't partake in practically any adventure activities. And of those that I did, like ziplining and learning to salsa, I was just aggravating my already aching knee. I kept complaining about it and blamed it on the treadmill that MUST HAVE caused it. My sister pleaded that I go see a doctor.

So obviously, I ignored her advice. And it occurred to me that I can fix this myself. Just find a trigger point therapy diagram. Identify the pain areas in my knee. Locate the trigger point. Apply pressure until it releases. And voilĂ ! Knee pain gone. Disappeared like a David Copperfield magic trick. Amazing!

Yes, we need doctors. Yes, we need pharmacists.

But, for muscular aches and pains, I would encourage researching the pain and then referring to a Trigger Point Therapy diagram before even considering a doctor. More times than not, you won't even need a physical therapist or massage therapist to help you, as you can perform these techniques on your own, as I did. Be the master of your own body. There is so much information on the Net. All you need to do is a little bit of research, maybe invest in a tennis ball or therapeutic tool that you can buy from for less than $20, and you'll have your own Do-It-Yourself kit. It's easy, quick, economical, and extremely gratifying!

I oftentimes hear wisecracks from people when I tell them I'm a massage therapist.

"How do you focus on giving a good massage when a really hot chick comes in for a massage?"

"Do you massage a lot of dudes too?"

And my favorite..."Do you give happy endings?"

You'd be surprised by how often I hear these types of comments. I'm practically immune to them now. The way Kobe is immune to insults from the media at the press conference. Some people just don't know. They can't think beyond a certain point and open their eyes.

There's a world of opportunity out there. It's because I am a massage therapist that I learned about things like trigger point therapy and other cool healing techniques. My Accenture Senior Manager actually called me homeopathic a couple weeks ago. And to an extent, I probably am. But there's a reason for it. It works! So my advice is simple: don't underestimate the powers of natural healing.

Now please excuse me. I have to get back to some work. I'm about to go breakdancing through this Excel spreadsheet.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Convo Between Dwight, CP3, World Wide Wes, and Charles Barkley


Dwight: “What up, CP?”

CP3: “Dude, I gotta get up outta here.”

Dwight: “You too?”

CP3: “What you mean me too?”

Dwight: “I just got a call from Melo. He’s sick of the cold-ass Colorado weather.”

CP3: “Damn, I’m sick of all these hurricanes.”

Dwight: “Told Melo to either just take that extension or demand a trade to Orlando. We’ll give ‘em Pietrus and Jameer. Ride it out with JJ Reddick and JWil until your contract’s up. Then you, me, Melo, Rashard, and VC all on one team. That’s sicker than the thought of ‘Bron, Bosh, n Wade.”

CP3: “Damn dude, I need to get traded.”

Dwight: “Just step up and demand it then, son!”

CP3: “That ain’t right though.”

Dwight: “You’re straight dawg. What have they given you? Peja, Posey and David West? That’s almost as bad as Kwame Brown. You gotta pull a Kobe here.”

CP3: “I guess. Just don’t wanna hurt my rep.”

Dwight: “Man, hold up. Lemme 3-way someone in.”

CP3: “Ni$%a who!?”

Dwight: “World Wide. He’ll tell you what to do…what up World Wide? What’s poppin?”

WWW: “Dwight, my man. I’m just chillin. Playin some XBox with AI right now.”

Dwight: “Shit! Ask The Answer if he wants to take CP3’s spot in New Orleans.”
WWW: “Allen, you wanna play next year? Make some cheddar?”

Allen Iverson: (In the background, rapping) “I’m still numba one, they kno I ain’t done. X Box, dress socks, I’ve only just begun.”

WWW: “Yeah, he’s in. So what’s the word with CP?”

Dwight: “He wants out of New Orleans.”

WWW: “Ayite. Where’s he tryin to go?”

Dwight: “CP, where you wanna go?”

CP3: “Anywhere dawg. Just get me outta here.”

Dwight: “Wes, he wants to play for Sacramento.”

CP3: “Yo man, what the fu#$? Wes, just ignore Dwight. What’s happenin’ with you?”

WWW: “Not much mayn. Just schoolin AI in PGA Golf Tour 2011.”

CP3: “Haha, nice.”

WWW: “So what’s the word, homie? Ya wanna go to Cleveland? Re-unite with Byron Scott and play with ‘Bron?”

CP3: “Man, that would be perfect…but wait, what was all this talk bout you sayin Bron, Bosh, n Wade are teamin up in Miami?”

WWW: “That fell through, yo.”

CP3: “What? Why?”

WWW: “Bosh is rollin outta control with his freakin tweets.”

CP3: “Haha.”

WWW: “He can’t keep shyt on the DL. Tickin me off.”

CP3: “You guys are boys though?”

WWW: “Me and Chris Bosh are not on speaking terms right now.”

CP3: “Ayite. Well then yeah, I’m game. Get me to Cleveland.”

WWW: “I’ll try to figure something out. I gotta make a call.”

(Hangs up. Back to Dwight and CP3.)

CP3: "Thanks for lookin out, Dwight!"

Dwight: “CP, you’ll be the best point guard in Cleveland history.”

CP3: “I already am. I wanna be the best point guard in NBA history.”

(Dwight and CP3 continue to chat. In the meantime…)

WWW: “Yo Chuck, what up?”

Chuck: “What’s up World Wide Wes. Just eatin some Taco Bell right now.”

WWW: “That’s nice. Listen. CP3 wants out of New Orleans.”

Chuck: “That ain’t news World Wide. I’ll give you news. You know these Lava nachos are overflowing with hot sauce.”

WWW: “He wants a trade to Cleveland.”

Chuck: “Whaat?” (Crunch crunch. Pauses 10 seconds to wipe his mouth.) “Whaat? That’s turrible!”

WWW: “It’s not terrible. It’s good for the NBA. Chuck, I need you to have your buddy from the Bellagio give me a call. The one whose homeboys with CP3’s agent.”

Chuck: “Which buddy?”

WWW: “The dude with the Jheri curl I met in that gray pinstripe suit. He had those Cubans we smoked together. Remember?”

Chuck: “Oh yeah, ayite, Wes. I’ll give him a call. Let me just kill this gordita.”

WWW: “Peace, later.”

Chuck: (Thinking to himself. CP3’s going to Cleveland? That means Lebron’s stayin in Cleveland. OH NO!!! I bet $400,000 that Lebron would go to the Clippers!)

(Back to Dwight and CP3…)

Dwight: “But you know if you go there, you gotta get ‘Bron’s chicken a$$ into the dunk contest.”

CP3: (Laughing out Loud.)

Dwight: “Throw him some lobs. See what he can do.”

CP3: “Everyone’s waitin’ for that match-up. Especially Larry Bird, he wants some more fries.”

Dwight: “Larry Bird owes me McDonald’s.”

CP3: “That commercial was bumpin…so you think World Wide can make this shyt happen?”

Dwight: “It’s World Wide. He runs the NBA like Snoop Dogg runs Girls Gone Wild.”

CP3: “Haha. Oh hold up. I’m getting a call from Chuck.”

Dwight: “Charles Shwab?”

CP3: “No, the other Chuck we know.”

Dwight: “Person?”

CP3: “No fool, the one you shoot commercials with…”

Dwight: “I am not on speaking terms with Charles Barkley right now.”

CP3: “Haha, what? Why?”

Dwight: “We were at the Rec last week. He bet me he would hit a trey before I did. He lost.”

CP3: “Hahah, nice. What was the bet?”

Dwight: “He owes me Taco Bell.”

CP3: (Laughing out Loud) "Everyone owes you food."

Dwight: “He refused to pay for my meal.”

CP3: “Haha, yo, lemme talk to him.” (Answers call waiting.) “Yo Chuck, what’s up?”

Charles Barkley: “CP, how you gonna go to Cleveland? That’s turrible!”

CP3: “It ain’t terrible, Chuck. I’mma win me a championship with ‘Bron.”

Charles Barkley: “You know I have money ridin’ on Bron goin to the Clippers, right?”

CP3: “Haha. Chuck, Baron Davis don’t got shit on me.”

Charles Barkley: “That’s turrible!”

CP3: “Yo Chuck, why you not payin up when you lose your bets?”

Charles Barkley: “What you mean? I do pay.”

CP3: “That’s not what Dwight says.”

Charles Barkley: “Oh that. He was taunting me after the shot. It was a lucky shot. You can’t taunt after winning a bet.”

CP3: (Laughing out Loud)

Charles Barkley: “That knucklehead. Is he mad?”

CP3: “Yeah, he’s upset. You should call him. He’s in your Fav 5 right?”

Charles Barkley: “My momma’s in my Fav 5. But she never picks up the phone. Momma, pick up the phone.”

CP3: “Haha. Who else is in your Fav 5, Chuck?”

Charles Barkley: “Craig Sager, Eddie Winslow, my taylor, and handicapper at the racetrack.”

CP3: “Haha, that is hilarious! Yo, you should definitely call Dwight. Squash this shyt.”

Charles Barkley: “I’ll think about it.”

CP3: “Haha, later.” (Hangs up. Back to line 1.) “Dwight, why you gotta taunt Chuck like that?”

Dwight: “Haha. That dipshyt. He’s a sore loser. I want my meal.”

CP3: “Haha. Yo, I’m out. I’m putting up a Fathead of Lebron on my wall.”

Dwight: “Str8. Peace, homie!”

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dwyane Wade Chats with Lebron James


DWade: “Sup, ‘Bron?”

LBJ: “What up? What up?”

DWade: “U rollin thru this weekend, right?”

LBJ: “You know it. Is Chris rollin too?”

DWade: “For sho! We’ll hang at the beach, holler at some broads, PLAY SOME BALL!”

LBJ: “Haha, you know you’ll have to do your best to convince me into a Heat jersey homie!”

DWade: “Ni#$a, ain’t no convincing to do. We got a beach. We got babes. We got boats. And soon, we’ll have Bosh. What more can you possibly want?”

LBJ: “I wanna win.”

DWade: “And we will bro. 5 years together. A dynasty. 3 Gold Medal Olympians all on one team. No one can stop us then!”

LBJ: “That’s what peeps were sayin bout my Cavs last year. That no one can stop us.”

DWade: “Psssh, come on now. Be real. Shaq isn’t the same guy last year that he was with me in ’06. Mo ain’t the Scottie to your Michael either. Antawn’s pretty washed up now too.”

LBJ: “Yea, and f#$%in Delonte…”

DWade: “Dawg, forget that. Your real boys are here. We ALL wanna win. Together we can take the Lakers and everyone else.”

LBJ: “I ain’t even gotten out the East last couple years. I feel like TMac in May.”

“Haha. Yo, we’ll manhandle the East together. Don’t even sweat it!”

LBJ: “How about the Magic and Celtics, and dare I say, the Bulls?”

DWade: “Ni$% what? Wait. Are you thinking of going to Chicago? You’re not thinking of going to Chicago, are you? You can’t possibly be thinking of going to Chicago?”

LBJ: “Well, I’m gonna talk to ‘em. See what they got in store. I wanna hear their case.”

DWade: “Lebron, the Bulls won’t treat you right.”

LBJ: “I wanna win, D.”

DWade: “And you think you’ll win with Tom Thibodeau? That first timer hasn’t proven anything yet.”

LBJ: “I know he’s new, but –“

DWade: “All he does is watch film.”

LBJ: “Yeah, but his defense with the Celtics – “

DWade: “I bet he ain’t even get laid in a minute.”

LBJ: (Laughs)

DWade: “Bro, we got Pat Riley. Hall of Fame coach. You gotta surround yourself with winners in order to be a winner.”

LBJ: “The Bulls have a good team, D.”

DWade: “Yeah, and we were better still. Look at our record. And remember my running trey over them in OT a couple years ago? I know you remember it.”

LBJ: “Yeah, yeah. I just wanna hear what they have to say.”

DWade: “Of course, mayn. Listen to the Bulls. And the Knicks and the Nets and the Clippers. Listen to ‘em all. Fact remains you know how sick we’d be together. We’d be better than Magic and Kareem, Stockton and Malone, Jordan and Pippen. We’d be DWade and Lebron”

LBJ: “Lebron and DWade.”

DWade: “Haha. Ayite ayite. That works. But don’t forget: Lebron, Bosh and DWade.”

LBJ: “Chris ain’t made up his mind yet.”

DWade: “’Bron, trust me when I say, Chris Bosh is comin’ to South Beach. Ask him yourself.”

LBJ: “I will…so you think we can really win together, huh?”

DWade: “That’s what I been tryin to tell you all along. We got the cheddar for all of us. And you know our endorsements will be insane.”

LBJ: “I definitely like cheddar.”

DWade: “I know this, playa!”

LBJ: “What about Chicago?”

DWade: “Let TMac go to Chicago.”

LBJ: “Well, how bout New York?”

DWade: “That’s JJ and Amare. Phoenix Suns Take 2. Whack!”

LBJ: “Hmmm. Ok. Straight. I’m comin, D. Don’t let me down. We gonna run the NBA like Kevin Johnson runs Sacramento.”

DWade: “Always. Always. See you soon.”

LBJ: “Peace.”

DWade: (Thinking too himself) “Damn, Lebron and Wade? That cat’s trippin’. He knows I run this town. Wade and Lebron. Wade and Lebron. Ain’t no doubt! Besides, I already got one ring on that fool. Fall 7 times, stand up 8. Kevin Johnson run Sacramento? Doesn’t that fool know I rule this world? All day, baby, all day.”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dwyane Wade Chats with Chris Bosh


DWade: “What up, C?”

CBosh: “Not much D. Can’t wait to step up outta here, stinkin Canadia!”

DWade: “Well with the girlies here in South Beach, you can’t go wrong.”

CBosh: “Haha, yeah…”

DWade: “In fact, I used to kick it with Gabrielle Union.

CBosh: “She so fine.”

DWade: “Yea, and I know you’re all into acting and everything. Maybe I can have her set you up with a director.”

CBosh: “Word?”

DWade: “For sho, playa. Anything for my new teammate.”

CBosh: “Haha, bro, I haven’t committed to the Heat yet homie. How you gonna just up and decide things for me, dawg?”

DWade: “Bro, we won together at the Olympics, remember?”

CBosh: “Tru dat!”

DWade: “And I already have a ring. If you came here, I’d be on an even better team with you than I was with Shaq in 2006.”

CBosh: “No doubt!”

DWade: “After all, ‘Bron’s on his way here too. We got all the money in the world, cuz!”

CBosh: “Hahah, shyyyttt!”

DWade: “So what, are you in money?”

CBosh: “Well, most likely. I mean, Chicago, ya know ---“

DWade: “Man, f*#$ Chicago. They don’t take care bout their players. They’re whack as f#$%. You saw what happened with MJ n Scottie n Phil Jackson. Even their PA announcer got canned!”

CBosh: “Psshh, yea. I remember that. Pretty whack!”

DWade: “Now Rose, he’s straight. But seriously, are you really gonna play Jo every day in practice and let him post you up with his long-a#$ ponytail? That cat’s outta control!”

CBosh: (Laughing Out Loud)

DWade: “But if you’re really considering them, go for it. I’ll just get ‘Bron and Boozer up in this mug.”

CBosh: “Man, don’t even…”

“Or better yet, better yet, ‘Bron and Amare”

CBosh: “Homie, you know I’m better than freakin Amare! I'll take that fool to school and take his lunch money too! Come on, now. Why you trippin? You know I’m rollin in my 24’s to Miami. Just chill out.”

DWade: “Ayite, well Come On Down. The Price is Right, ni#$a!”


(Thinking too himself) “Damn, that was way too easy.”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shahrukh Khan: A True Legend

An actor is really made by his composure on and off the set.

Everyone will have differing opinions on SRK's 5 best movies, which is natural. If a story is closer to your heart, you will inherently like that acting performance better. Some people might have loved him in Baadshah, Don, and Koyla. That's fine. For me, these are the movies where I feel he has done his best acting job:

5) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - In this movie, his college charisma makes me want to be like him, his love for others makes me appreciate his heart, and his actions make me cry just about every time i watch.

4) Dil Se - It was so convincing that he was madly in love with a terrorist as opposed to a beautiful family girl.

3) Anjaam - Damn, don't mess with this villain, his obsession will lead him to do anything.

2) Mohobattein - Probably the single best Bollywood movie character ever to convey the power of love.

1) Pardes - In so many cases, this is how love really happens, through friendship and through trust; greatest dialogues, especially at the end of the movie. Just incredible, because he was really the underdog in the whole movie and it made you want to just cheer for him all the way along.

BUT...why do I love SRK so much? Not just his movies. I watch interviews he has on youtube, and he is really intelligent, knows so much about the world of cinema, and is a genuine family man. He works hard at his craft and harder at maintaining a good reputation. I love that he says he has worked so hard to be recognized that he appreciates that recognition when in public. That he wants to die as a celebrity, as an appreciated, respect, and in some ways, legendary, figure in the eyes of India. And I really love that he has a mad love affair with his wife Gauri, because she is absolutely gorgeous and he will really do everything to keep her feeling like the queen that she is.

Aamir Khan is a fantastic actor, I think even better than Shahrukh. But there are a lot of things in his personal life that are questionable. 2 marriages, alleged affairs, doesn't attend award shows, and says competition doesn't drive him when it's obvious that it does. Example, Salman has always had a killer body and SRK showed off his incredible physique in Om Shanti Om. Don't you think that was at least a little bit motivating for Aamir Khan to do a rip-off film that was rather bad, especially after the first half, in Ghajini, just to prove to the world that he can get ripped if he just puts his mind to it? He needs to stick to more intriguing movies like Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, 3 Idiots, and Dil Chahta Hai. Again, he is a phenomenal actor, but if I had a choice to meet someone, or mold myself after someone, the role model is Shahrukh.