Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michael Jordan to the Hall of Fame

I remember 7 for 28, Jordan's first game back from his first retirement, after an 0 for 6 start. From that point on, I practically memorized every statistic he had for every game, and was so upset when he averaged just under 30 ppg and under .500 fgp. He'd be 4 for 14 in a game, and I'd say to myself, just 6 more makes in a row MJ, and you'll be at 50%.

During the first three championships, I was very young and although I saw most of the games, I wasn't a hardcore fan then. But when His Airness came back, I was the biggest fan who had never been to a Bulls game and didn't have cable television. Seriously! I was elated when MJ in his 4th game back hit the buzzer beater over Atlanta with 5 seconds left, on WGN. But the next game was on cable tv, and me, a 5th grader at the time, didn't think of a solution other than to listen on the radio. In fact, for the next 2 1/2 seasons I heard the voice of Neil Funk and Harvey Catchings until my dad finally got cable. I'd even be up at midnight, when west coast games started at 9:30pm...listening to my radio!

And who can forget Ray Clay's voice? "From North Carolina, at guard, 6-6, Michael...Jordan!!!!" I knew how Ray Clay would deliver the starting line-up introductions for every home game and would try to emulate him. I was so crazed about Jordan and the Bulls that all my writing work from 5th to 8th grade reflected the Bulls, Grant Park, and please, just one more season...

Fortunately, now I am a regular at Bulls games and have technology on my side when I am dying to see a replay or Jordan highlights. I am so happy that the one person who made me love basketball has received this great honor. I would love to see something more, a logo, a trophy, or something named after him. But until then, I can always admire his statue in front of the United Center.

Still a "Space Jam" Fan...

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