Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dwyane Wade Chats with Chris Bosh


DWade: “What up, C?”

CBosh: “Not much D. Can’t wait to step up outta here, stinkin Canadia!”

DWade: “Well with the girlies here in South Beach, you can’t go wrong.”

CBosh: “Haha, yeah…”

DWade: “In fact, I used to kick it with Gabrielle Union.

CBosh: “She so fine.”

DWade: “Yea, and I know you’re all into acting and everything. Maybe I can have her set you up with a director.”

CBosh: “Word?”

DWade: “For sho, playa. Anything for my new teammate.”

CBosh: “Haha, bro, I haven’t committed to the Heat yet homie. How you gonna just up and decide things for me, dawg?”

DWade: “Bro, we won together at the Olympics, remember?”

CBosh: “Tru dat!”

DWade: “And I already have a ring. If you came here, I’d be on an even better team with you than I was with Shaq in 2006.”

CBosh: “No doubt!”

DWade: “After all, ‘Bron’s on his way here too. We got all the money in the world, cuz!”

CBosh: “Hahah, shyyyttt!”

DWade: “So what, are you in money?”

CBosh: “Well, most likely. I mean, Chicago, ya know ---“

DWade: “Man, f*#$ Chicago. They don’t take care bout their players. They’re whack as f#$%. You saw what happened with MJ n Scottie n Phil Jackson. Even their PA announcer got canned!”

CBosh: “Psshh, yea. I remember that. Pretty whack!”

DWade: “Now Rose, he’s straight. But seriously, are you really gonna play Jo every day in practice and let him post you up with his long-a#$ ponytail? That cat’s outta control!”

CBosh: (Laughing Out Loud)

DWade: “But if you’re really considering them, go for it. I’ll just get ‘Bron and Boozer up in this mug.”

CBosh: “Man, don’t even…”

“Or better yet, better yet, ‘Bron and Amare”

CBosh: “Homie, you know I’m better than freakin Amare! I'll take that fool to school and take his lunch money too! Come on, now. Why you trippin? You know I’m rollin in my 24’s to Miami. Just chill out.”

DWade: “Ayite, well Come On Down. The Price is Right, ni#$a!”


(Thinking too himself) “Damn, that was way too easy.”

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